Some of The E-phant's
Favorite Quotes...
Most aimed directly or indirectly AT the E-phant, or now at BookMark My Words.

A number of posts of others have caught my eye, one way or another.
I make typos, everyone does. But I never claim to be perfect, or to be an intellectual superior to anyone online. Anyone that does, I pay extra attention to their typing. Other than that, I usually ignore them, unless the error is so great as to make the marred word mean something completely different. Or when just the absolutely wrong word is used, because it sounds close.
The most common of those, it seems to me, is the number of Christains that exhort me to ‘except’ Jesus. As an atheist, I already do.
I’ve collected a few of those that caught my eye.

I also come across an amazing number of posts where people just showcase their bias or ignorance, and expect me to agree with them. Such offerings just boggle the mind. One wonders if they ever even pay attention to what they’re saying. If nothing else, someone claiming that he’s educated on the subject of evolution, but says that dinosaurs were ‘in the infancy of evolution’ destroys his own credibility for any other argument.
In addition the number of people who tell ME what I MUST believe because I am: male, white, atheist, straight, military vet, American or whatever, almost always misses the mark, and futher discredits the poster. Some of the assumptions people have made about me are, frankly, hilarious. Accusing me of being a lesbian doesn't insult me because it not only isn't true, it isn't possible. Plumbing's all wrong.

And of course, the self-serving, circular, presuppositionist arguments for God’s existance (and evolution’s error) stagger the mind. The only thing worse would be the ones that depend on piss poor grammar, math or vocabulary to prove the same point.

Section 1

  1. Often a non-Christian knows something about the earth, the heavens, and the other parts of the world, about the motions and orbits of the stars and even their sizes and distances, . . . and this knowledge he holds with certainty from reason and experience. It is thus offensive and disgraceful for an unbeliever to hear a Christian talk nonsense about such things, claiming that what he is saying is based in Scripture. We should do all that we can to avoid such an embarrassing situation, lest the unbeliever see only ignorance in the Christian and laugh to scorn." -- St. Augustine, "De Genesi ad litteram libri duodecim"
  2. A lot of people hate my skepticism, and I think I understand why. The psychics offer wonders and endless possibilities in a world that often seems difficult and mundane. They promise health, wealth, wisdom, eternal life. But if you examine the record, it's not the psychics but the hard-nosed scientists who have actually delivered the things that improve human life. And, to me, science describes a world far more interesting than any psychic fantasy. It's a good world — not perfect — but it's ours. So we'd better learn to live with it, the way it is. -Sherry Austin
  3. Ignorance is never out of style. It was in fashion yesterday, it is the rage today, it will set the pace tomorrow. -Frank Dane
  4. Eric Idle’s comment on deciding to give Mel Gibson a copy of Monty Python’s Life of Brian: Can you believe he made the same movie and missed all the jokes?
  5. The Bible, the number one best seller of all time, is a racy book. … But if you all were true to your word, that you were honestly sceptic of the Bible, then you would set the book on your selves right next to the rest of your non fiction.
  6. In response to part of the above quote, Iznomneak replies: High volume sales are usually indicative of the cheapest merchandise and not necessarilly the best quality product.
  7. The Champion of Mormonism preaches for a while to skeptics. Then he posts: Listen up all you heathens...It is getting to be less and less fun throwing pearls before swine.
  8. The 'pearls before swine' comment is a common one on atheist/skeptic boards, especially in connection with a poster leaving the forum. Less common was the retort: These gumballs you toss are by no means pearls. They are hollow, fragile and totally lacking in any nutritional value, mental or otherwise. I'm just not worthy....
  9. Theist in the middle of a discussion of Pascal's Wager, and it's applicability in the face of non-christain religions: If the creator made the world, and left God's behind to rule it as God did in the Greek and Norse religions, why would God do this if he didnt care about the humans?
    blue the sound points out:Mind your apostrophes, (and left God's behind to rule it) they can really change the meaning of your words.

    Section Two

  10. "I'll bet he doesn't have the guts to commit hara kiri again."
  11. About the 'how many xians to change a light bulb' joke... This is False, it is a sick person whoever thinks this is funny or true. Actually, THIS comment was only connected to one of the lines. That’s what strikes me as funny, that they only took one of them as False.
  12. In a debate with Seana the slightly daunting-
    Her: I am willing to admit that possibly maybe you might mayhap perchance conceivably have a possible argument.
    Me: Sheesh, one more qualifier to that statement and you'd...qualify for a political career.
    If you shove in one more qualifier, it makes the eyes cross.
  13. In response to my Frightening Jesus Haiku: I am so glad I had set down my diet coke before reading this!
  14. On my remark of 20 years in service: Urgh, a former state mercenary. I'm afraid I have a heavy moral pre-judice against anyone who willfully fights for collectivism (and assuming you're American, imperialism).
  15. response to my 'Illuminated Desiderata: The pictures you have posted along with the words indicate you have repressed and depraved desires of not only sexual fantasy to the point of gangrape and inadequacy, but also a desire to consume mass quantities of every drug known to man
  16. After my laryngectomy surgery, the nurse noted on my chart: "Patient voices no complaints."
  17. All you atheists have a SERIOUS problem with taking the bible seriuosly
  18. All you crazy atheists have against religion is your science and rational thought. You can take your theories of evolution and a heliocentric solar system and shove it! I THINK it's tongue in cheek, but you can never be sure…
  19. An exchange:
    Part of a post: “Remember "EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION" Because of this…”
    Part of my response: “You really must switch to decaff.”
    Part of the original poster’s response to the decaff remark: “Come on man don't insult me and I wont insult you,” You use bold, italics and cap locks in one sentence to present your argument, and a suggestion that you limit caffeine is an insult?
  20. Are there any great secrets not revealed to humans yet?
  21. aren't you the funny one....
  22. BMMW: GODDAMMIT! I hate people who manage to say in 20 words what I can say in 200! Um....thanx
  23. Bookmark can be insulting, there's no doubt about it. You, in fact, have yet to hold a candle to him in that regard
  24. Challenge it as you will, my beloved adversity.
  25. Did you know that modern science is based on the jewish religion?
  26. Don't let satan steal your soul. That is not every smart. The best advice _I_ have received since Driver's Ed in High School, where they told us that a head-on collision would keep us out of the better colleges.
  27. Elephantacity, You are an idiot. Someone misspelling my Online ID while claiming intellectual superiority
  28. Every believer is a murderer. We all played a part in putting Jesus to death. Our sin.
  29. How do you get onto the list of things said about Elephanticity? Question from Clint

  30. You send him five bucks for a book of ways to get onto his list of things said about him. Answer to Clint
  31. I also know from experience that if a spell is cast on a buddist, a humanist, or any else, the spell my penetrate. But, on a christian, the spell is powerless
  32. i am nothing0, Jesus is ONE1. it is called a BINARY RELATIONSHIP.
  33. I do believe you're the funniest person I've never met.
  34. I gess U learned the big words in the same college made you a liberal.
  36. I have noticed that violins are the fastest things that will sink you into depression
  37. I KNOW what a restraining order is; it's not like I've never dated...
  38. I see by your disgust with Lott that you are black
  39. I thought, for months, that you were a woman
  40. I'd love to meet you in a street somewhere, I've never had a chance to use my nunchucks in combat. Anime fan discussing the superiority of his arguments in debate
  41. If you have something uselful to say, say it, otherwise contain your giggling please. This is not a holiday camp.
  43. Is the idea of all things in moderation Biblical? What about things such as alcohol or pornography? Are they ok as long as we dont become enslaved by those things?
  44. It seems that you have made of yourselves little gods
  45. It would be interesting to hear your views on the similarities between Revelations 13:16-17 and the financial credit system you desire for us all.
  46. now i am come into this place like unto a whirlwind. You may now assult me in all Spiritual things.
  47. Now, you defend your cannibalism habits, Elephantcity!
  48. One of the great lies about Christianity is that it is about ‘being good’.
  49. Only an atheist might think that "pigs might fly", but nobody knows for sure, for atheists never tell anyone what they DO believe, only what they don't
  50. Pity really coz u don’t seem too bright ps: I careless I ant a creationist
  51. Please watch your language, this is a christian board not the atheist satan boards
  52. Remember, unlike laws of traffic etc., "the books" are written for people who seek God. If you have no wish to follow Christ, but want to give in to your urges and join Satan in trying to refuse God, the bible does not apply to you.
  53. So make fun of me all you want, but I will always be stronger, smarter, faster, and more skilled than you. Anime fan discussing the superiority of his arguments in debate
  54. sometimes I wake up and I'm still alive. The observational skill of the average evangelical christain NEVER fails to astound me....
  55. Stupid people are almost as smart as smart people, but that's because smart people aren't as smart as they think they are.
  56. The Prom is actually one of Satan's most powerful devices because of the fact that many of the dangers and problems with the Prom are not fully understood by many people. I can't even find proof that Satan exists, much less identify the busy hand of Lucifer in nationwide traditions of public schooling....
  57. The verse (Exodus 19:15) is only ridiculous if religion is ridiculous. You said it, I didn't....
  58. they claimed I was a nonconformist and I agreed. I don't know why, but this just tickles me to death. Only a true nonconformist would agree with authority when they are right, the faddish kids pretending to be nonconformists would feel pressed to disagree, because of their belief that THAT is what Nonconformists DO.
  59. well im hardley a teenager, i turned 18 in june.
  60. Will you shut up before my head explodes!
  61. You would not have launched nuclear weapons and you know it
  62. Your character assignation of Mr. Chick shows your ignorance and hatred of absolute truth. Someone suggesting my characterization of the author of Chick Tracts (as a prejudicial, ignorant, hateful liar)(with examples to support my opinion) meant I wanted a secret Tryst with the chickster...?
  63. you're a special kind of crazy bookmark, and that's why we love you...
  64. You've been abused, bookmark, you should get help.
    utopian indigent
  65. Ah! I'm honoured. Can't you put people's screen names next to their quotes?
    utopian indigent
  66. A coworker's comment on Scooby Done: You are not too right in the head... lol. But it IS funny.
  67. A poster describes how he 'sees' fellow posters on a particular board, including me: BMMW: prankster who is playing a joke on you and you don't even know it, but somewhat fatherly nonetheless....

    Section Three

  68. (here I would normally include the exclamation, Dolt! But since I am new I shall withhold it for now, so consider it withheld, Dolt!)
  69. ...the Bible has always been proven correct in the long run, while there is not a shred of evidence to support it
    Proven…without evidence? Not a CSI fan, I see.
  70. A muslim offers a description of their Hell, and the torments afforded the damned: Also, they'll be given drink of something resembling boiling pus, foul-smelling and foul-tasting, which will burn their throats.... If you need more graphic images, please let me LOL? Laughing out loud at the eternal suffering of other human beings? Muslims evidently aren't that different from the Christains....
  71. At the end of a post about evolution being the godless communist atheist socialist lie: If after the next couple of days of what I post you still believe evolution is even possible I will lose all respect for you. And of course you should, darling. 'Believe' is the word for things people accept without evidence. There's too much evidence for the Theory of Evolution that it should be relegated to a belief.
  72. Concerning Astrology: God might of made the stars but he don't want noone messin with them.
  73. Concerning Mel's 'The Passion' movie: I can tell ya a movie that causez thiz much conflict and mumblingz haz got to be right on.. I have to wonder if the conflict and mumblings means that 'The Last Temptation of Christ' was also 'right on.' Or 'Monty Python's Life of Brian.'
  74. Feedback to Talkorigins: your sight is not usefullat all and i hope you all die and go to hell for not bieng a beliver!! Just gotta love that christain charity, don't ya?
  75. In a discussion about evolution: Keep believing that a magical lightning bolt came out of nowhere and caused dust and non-living cells to become living. Isn't this creationism? The Theory Of Evolution deals with changes to existing life over time, and does not address the start of life; science in general seldom refers to 'magic' as part of a process; I don't know of anyone past grade 2 that thinks lightning comes 'from nowhere; and I have no idea what a non-living cell would be. It's Genesis chapter 2 that says man was built, first, then life breathed into him by a supernatural event.
  76. In a discussion about reinstating the draft: Besides, if they give me a gun I'd probly shoot my officers rather then the "enemy". ...I support the troops....when they shoot their officers. Which is really interesting considering this person's defense for the statement:

  77. So yes I can make a moral judgment on their actions since it was their choice [to be soldiers], based on what I think is moral and immoral, and I think killing under any circumstance is wrong. So, we're shooting officers in protest of any and all killings? I just can't make this stuff up
  78. In a discussion about the validity of the Bible as a basis of faith, I asked if a Christian would or wouldn't want to hear about problems with the Bible. Would they prefer truth or a faith based on foundations of clay.
    i rather stand on this clay than to jump into the pit of nothingness.
  79. In a discussion about women's suffrage, a conservative woman writes: Well, I think that everyone should vote who is 18. Think, if you have 3 daughters whoare above 18 years of age, A conservative candidate has already won 5 votes from your household! 3 from your daughters, one from the husband and another one from the wife. If the husband/father were the only one votuing , the candidate would have only 1 vote. She also says that if the husband could write in that his vote represents 5 people over 18 in the household, she wouldn't mind not having 'the vote.'
  80. Introduction for a yes/no Poll: Do you believe in God? If you vote for ''no'' then you're a sinnet.
  81. More Xain Love: Fuck u bastard! Jesus is a man that's why they call him the son of god and the son of man! He can die because his mama was human. you are a stupid atheist and your going to hell
  82. On a page linked to by a poster for anarchy: If by freedom we mean self-government, then it is clear that being subjected to hierarchy in the workplace subverts our abilities to think and judge for ourselves. No it doesn't. I did 20 in uniform, and being placed in a subservient (enlisted) position, even to an inbred (commissioned) jackass in no way impacted my ability to think and to judge. I still supported Gay Rights, flag burning and voted for Clinton, twice, pretty much right in the face of the prevailing opinion of those around me, over me and beneath me.
  83. ON the 2004 Olympic games, festival to the demonic spirit behind Zeus: The relay of the sacred Olympic flame for 2004 will be unprecedented. Over 20 million dollars have been raised for this satanic prayer walk.
  84. On the subject of children and the age ofaccountability: (Because they are atomically saved. Why? They are innocent). Gotta wonder what an atomic save would be like...
  85. On the subject of contradictions between gospel accounts of Jesus' resurrection and ascensions: In one of the other links they think Jesus had mini ascensions. Of course, if he ascended more than once, then he went to earth more than once. Meaning His second coming was about, what 30AD
  86. on the subject of evolution: No one believes the scum bag educators, even the teachers wink and giggle.
  87. On the subject of the discovery of Flores Man: what's so exciting about them being there, is there's a chance they came into being on that island and didn't travel to that island
  88. One poster's signature line included an invitation and a link to his board, where we find that there are but two rules: Be respectful of other members and no personal attack. Seems fair to me. But then I pointed out that the KKK joke in the Jokes forum, using the N-word, is not being respectful to others. He must have agreed with me, because he made a change. He didn't remove the joke, but changed the rules: "The only rule is: no profanity." Then he banned me
  89. Part of proof that fossilization is impossible: How are all these dead atoms intelligent enough to know what to do and where to go to produce the finished fossil?
  90. So i point out a poster is using a strawman argument: So he uses "strawman" you know why? He invisions me as the scarecrow in Oz, and he thinks he's a flying monkey, out to tear me up. He reads my threads and rubs his hands saying, "I'll get you... my little Fuddy!"
  91. Someone else showing the atheists the purity of Christian love for mankind: Who the f_ck are you calling an "idiot" you fruit glazed c*ck-sucker? That question also goes to your faggot boyfriend Max! How can a bunch of people who don't even have the intellect to believe in a Creator call ANYONE an idiot? I should probably mention that the "*" above is the poster's own self-editing a naughty word he evidently wanted to use without actually using it. Of course, the "_" above is where I edited the naughty word he DID feel comfortable using.
  92. To the entire congregation of The SAB: It's amazing that ignorant men will spend their entire life trying to disprove something they don't believe to begin with. You folks are amazingly contradictory to your own selves. It'd be amazing if anyone was trying to disprove something they DID believe in. Trying to disprove what they don't believe in is pretty much how it works. It has since been pointed out to me that real scientists do test the falsifiability of an idea by trying to disprove an idea they believe in. Which is, of course, devil's advocacy. It's useful, but still not contradicting one's self. Good point DrCal. You know, insults about my being a lesbian always fail to score a hit, as i am relatively certain about my gender. I just don't have the plumbing to be a lesbian. Assertions about being gay also slide off, as i am very secure in my masculinity. In a recent post, a number of insults aimed at my mental abilities seem to have the same effect:
  93. Cookbook or bookmark, you think you're smart, but you're not.
  94. You don't have the ability to think on your own.
  95. You can only use witty little lines of semantic garbage, when you speak. ,
  96. Do you look in the mirror and masturbate while you speak?
  97. Do you believe you actually contribute anything to mankind? Nothing. You can't invent anything materially or verbally.
  98. You are an eloguent parrot with no substance. An edgucated idiot.
  99. Bookmark my words...Ha! Trash-can your words I say. Ha. Really. I know my own worth, have a comfortable grasp of the limits of my originality, and a decent objective view of the value of those efforts to greater mankind (minimal, beyond the random 'thanks, i needed that!') This ad hominem attempt to dismiss my critique fails to answer the simple fact that the poster lacks anything original in his own efforts, or any proof that his assertions are anything more solid than brain farts in the mind of a drug addict.
    And, i can spell eloquent and educated.
  100. 99% of the people who believe evolution or anything close to it only do because it is the only way that man can be a superior being. The other 1% is just plain dumb
  101. Acually there are many Roman Documents supporting the existance of the Councils of Nicea and Trent where the Apostles and many other religious authorities comprised the Bible which is of MANY Authors.
  102. All you saying is what somebody has brainwashed you with. You have no brain of your own. Made in the post immediately following one that said ‘Stop personal attacks.’
  103. and i know who was there before all things.. God. no dont think i am norrow minded or closed off becuase the bible has not one lie or does not contridict its self.
  104. Another poster hiding behind an alias but ready to take a number, number 666.
  105. Any jury will call you a hypocrat if you were in a stand.
  106. Anyone who does not follow every literal passage of the bible is not Christian
  107. Aren't we always told that the Customer is always right? So why don't School Teachers obey this rule? I've worked retail, and I've taught. Even if you consider teachers as the clients of the students, this rule is not always true.
  108. As a truth seeker, I do know the truth, which is the only thing that is important.
  109. as for evolution your right I dont know every stinkin nit pickin detail, I know the main points and thats enough to know its gibberish
  110. As for the 'stories' in the Bible. They are all true... at least those that have happened.
  111. atheism is ludicrous. Atheists don't really deny God, they deny morality Like it isn't ludicrous when others tell me what I really disbelieve...
  112. atheists are 5 times more likely than christians to produce down syndrome offspring, and twice as likely as either jews or muslims.
  113. Atheists are stupid low life creatures. God doesn't mind atheists, atleast for now, lol. The day of retribution hasn't come yet. I hope it comes sooner, then i can watch all of them die!
  114. Atheists dont believe in any of it. I dunno how they couldnt. it's all in the bible
  115. Atheists talk about what they "think", I talk about what I know. There is none so arrogant as he who thinks he created himself and refuses to give glory to his creator - that's TRUE arrogance.
  116. Before I subjected myself to the doctrines of demons I would get myself very grounded in the faith. Comment on the suggestion that someone else might be interested in seeing what the Skeptics have to say on the subject of the Bible on the SAB.
  117. birth control makes sex incredibly selfish.
  118. Blacks cannot ever be considered racist in a society where we will probably never have the means to act on this belief the way it was enacted upon us.
  119. Boy, are you evolutionists in trouble. All this work to be on the loosing side? How sad.
  120. But the queston you should have asked is if in fact both were proven to be true, then upon consuming both of them, which would profit me the most. Haggis or the SPIRITUAL MEAT FOUND IN THE HOLY BIBLE?
  121. But thinking is not your strong suit. Because this is a consiparcy of apes.
  122. Call it closed minded if you must but I call it, Decided.
  123. Can you HONESTLY believe that every human, every plant and animal all evolved from a ROCK. Im no scientist, but they sounds a bit crazy to me. Not only is he 'no scientist,' but no scientist claims that any human, plant or animal evolved from 'a ROCK.'
  124. Christians did not murder poeple, they gave them food, clothes and education. The crucades happend before the bible was in its form we know it today.
  125. Do you have a different Bible than me???? .... I've never heard of Noah taking 7 of each animal onto the Ark....
  126. Do you have any education, or just in Lord Evolutions Biology
  127. does the existence of un-beleievers Prove that there's evidence for god to exist? and my anwer is yes because if there is no god then they have no reson to believe or argue and the believer wouldnt have anything to put his belief into
  128. eliphinicity do offense but cn u do maths
  129. EVERYONE has some occasion to use racial epithets. We have a natural prejudice inside of us that we cannot always help, even if we try hard. So saying nigger, chink, buddhahead, spick, mick, kraut, heeb, kike, dune coon, spear chucker, redskin, honkey, cracker, mong, and every other example out there does not automatically make someone hateful or racist.
  131. Evolution is not science, its a state funded religion. It's a religious belief that there is no God and that blue green algae somehow with great geologic pressures transformed into an ape and then a human.
  132. False "Christians" try to say, "Oh! For God a day is just a million years or so!" Those idiots are just pulling this out of their asses. They are trying to edit the Word of God. Why didn't they say this a hundred years ago or earlier when the Religion of Evolution had not been known of?
  133. Feminist, eh? That means you must be a lesbian, too
  134. Frustrating your intelligence is no mean trick. Either you aren't as intelligent as you give your self credit for, or you purposely missed the point.
  135. God worshipping people have god-given brains - where as atheists have no god to give them a brain.
  136. gods will never hurt you ethier will god. God saves faithful live, and watches you rot in HELL!!!!!!!!!
  137. He (God) classes homosexuality among the most vile sins of humankind. Interesting, then, that it doesn’t make it to the ten commandments, what? Working on a Saturday did, but I don’t see anyone trying to pass a constitutional amendment to limit the rights of non-theists to operate a business on the Sabbath
  138. hey if its a fact, would you call it racism. i honestley believe that there are divisions in human evolution. i mean the human appearance verys, so what makes you think thats the only thing different between us.
  139. Hi, I am a big creationist I'm only is 7th grade and i can give you and your evolution buddies a talk about creation and how your whole evolution theory is dumb.
  140. How come it's the teachers who get paid when the students do all the work? Our rate was always 4 hours of preparation for every hour 'on platform.' Any student, esp. in grade school, that thinks their workload even approaches the teacher's has about three more thinks coming to them...
  141. How come there's so much resistance to UFO research among scientists? Shouldn't research pro and con be carried out REGARDLESS of personal viewpoints? If not then it's not very good research right?
    If aliens and other beings are artificial intelligence, does that mean we are natural stupidity? Ow, it hurts...
  142. How come when the teachers tell you to be quiet, THEY keep on talking? A genius that never considered WHY Teachers tell him to be quiet, I guess.
  143. How do you account for the hudereds of dipictions of the apostles in famous art works? You honestly think that a big group of people made it all up? Isn’t a definition of ‘art’ that someone created it?
  144. How is it that you know any of this is true anyone eh? I'm Jewish and from my perspective Christians don't know JACK SQUAT!
  145. I am a 13 year old, and I think evelution is a big fake. I am a christian and I think god is the way to be, and if you dont except him, well, you will end up in a very bad place. I excepted God into my life and now I am happier than ever. Huh. When i 'excepted' God, it was when i STOPPED being a christain....
  146. I am speaking of the The Constitution, as written, unchanged. Start messing with that document and you open up a rats nest of decisions with the ultimate dismemberment of our country as we know it.... The 1st Amendment AS WRITTEN stands! Bewildered I am by the defense of the 1st Amendment as part of the original, unchanged Constitution. Or that since the Bill of Rights, we've been working to dismember the country...Simply amazing.
  147. I am strongly apposed to the fact that you are forsing ebolution upon people!
  148. I assure you that the 1 Billion Catholics around this earth do not act in the same way as the extreamly Liberal Protestants do here that give all Christians a bad name.
  149. I bet if Jesus stood for election he wouldn't win cos the lefties think he's gay...
    Um…wouldn’t the ‘lefties’ be MORE likely to vote for a homosexual candidate?
  150. I do not see how you can look at yourself in a mirror and believe that your are a result from spantaneus generation. If this were so then what would be the point in living.
  151. i don't dislike atheists. i just think that they need to realize that they have the retard gene,
  152. I dont understand the wisdom of people that say, there is no God. Its like, a robot denying its creator, or inventor, scince the robot does not understand its creator
  153. i don't what bible you got the verse's out of but you need to look them up your self they are wrong i look up some and it don't read that away
  154. i find your comment about "liberals being very religious" extremely funny. It's impossible to be religious and liberal. That's is an oxymoron. Liberalism is opposed to almost everything that's of God. I know you don't believe it, but you'll find out on the judgment day
  155. I have been praised by my peirs many a time as an intellectual, I do not say this to brag but to point out that if religion offended the rational mind I would be offended.
    God offers you now offense. The signature tag of the intellectual poster above.
  156. I have seen your blasphemy and i am PRAYING for your imortal soles.
  157. I have spent about a week on this forum and been exposed to more atheists over the past seven days than in my whole life. I feel like I have a brain rash and need to shower and shampoo my head like 500 times.
  158. i just tell you the truth that is all you insignaficant f**k
  159. I made a report to the class on Creation Vs. Evolution . . . You know who won . . . Creation . . . evlution is too complicated!!!
  160. I oppose hate laws not because it gives gays rights but because it makes thoughts a crime. Oh, it does not. How would we tag the evidence? Besides, 'thought crime' is a lot older than Hate Speech legislation. Ever hear "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's..."??
  161. I suppose you watched Hovind's stuff and still feel like we evolved from a rock!?
  162. I think that Kent Hovind is one of the best doctors. He gives alot of information on creation and shows the people by proff of what really happened. That the whole Evolution theory is a big joke
  163. I think you need to have a supernatural experience to shock you out of your relativity.
  164. I thought the english language was the doings of the Devil. Jehovah's Witness apologist explaining why....well, i'm not quite sure what he meant. If he ever explains....
  165. I want to make your heart pound and your knees knock - I want fear to grip your hearts. That may sound a bit harsh coming from a Christian, Not really. The Faithful have no problem believing certain people are just born to burn forever in agony, and some have shown me they're looking forward to finding a cloud in Heaven from which they can watch me and other sinful god-deniers in the lake of fire. A threat of a little fear is nothing, fine, knock yerself out.
  166. I work for an insurance agency. I like the people I work with, my problem is all the people that call or come in and think I should give a fuck about them
  167. If each religion was a free lottery ticket and the grand prize was entering heaven... Atheists the people who decided to not even try. This person goes on to indicate that Jews, while Wrong, at least get a 'I Was A Jew' T-shirt to wear in Hell.
  168. if evolution is true it basicly means your worthless, your life is pointless
  169. If fire needs oxygen to burn and there is no oxygen in outer space how does the sun burn? I really do LOVE it when they know JUST enough to be dangerous....
  170. if it is true that there is no God, then how do you think we will pay for our sins?
  171. if jesus was alive he would probably punch you in the face - just think about that So, what, the actual message of 'turn the other cheek' is 'because my left arm is getting tired?
  172. If our level of comprehension is greater than any other living thing on Earth, then isn't it only logical to assume that somewhere out there is something with a greater comprehension than our own? And if this is so, then wouldn't it be true that the meaning of life may be out of the range of our comprehension? I really don't think that would be 'logical to assume.'
  173. if scientist believe their so smart and came up with such a STUPID theory called evolution can they answer this when some one dies were do that person go?
  174. If she is willing to engage in sex and she isn't his wife then she is not wise enough to engage in sex and the man is violating her
  175. if survival of the fittest is true, then why are all those weaklings at the gym, they havent evolved as far as me why arent they dead?
  176. If you are a Feminist, remember, you can't be 'against' CLONING. 'Every woman has a right to do whatever she likes with her OWN body'
  177. If you aren't in a mongrel relationship, you wouldn't care about miscegenation
  178. If you believe in evolution, you are wrong. Let me give you a reason why. 1)Where you there? NO!
  179. If you were about to die in combat, you wouldn't call to random or chaos, you'd know to call to God
  180. If you were really in the military, you'd know none of them voted for Clinton
  181. Ignorance means "to ignore" what one has been taught.
  182. I'm divinely enlightened. You're not suppossed to comprehend what I say.
  183. I'm sorry about what I said earlier about that post looking like a bunch of crap, and I'm sorry again, but this IS a bunch of crap. ChristianGuy shooting his own apology in the foot
  184. I'm sorry some Christian hurt you and made you think you're an atheist
  185. I'm sorry to know that Jesus had to shed blood in such a painful manner for people like you to doubt his presence and relevence, im sorry to know that your such a waste of life. Jesus loves you and so do I!!!!!!!
  186. IMO the humans have evolved, it is just the followers of Lord Evolution which haven't made it.
  187. In my opinion we wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes without God. Whether or not we believe in him.
  189. It may be implied by another theory, but I don't have to listen. That is how it goes. That is what is called a free thinker
  190. It seems to me that there is a spiritual realm that exists beyond empirical description. It feels real. Thus, in some sense it is empirically based.
  191. It sure would be nice if skeptics limited their list of "contradictions" to the few real difficulties in Scripture. But, of course, then they would only attract Bible scholars - not the credulous idiots they are actually cultivating.
  192. Its all a bunch of lies and fairytales and the dinosaurs fossils are manmade fantasies.
  193. It's OK not to believe in God. He told me He doesn't believe in atheists.
  194. Jewish is a race. Judaism is a religion. Ten commandments have nothing to do with either.
  195. Many of the gods in the Bible were only carvings, sculpture. Stone, metals and wood. The Golden Calf is an example. You seem to be saying that the skeptic in general thinks there can be no gods because they have not observed any. That is nonsense. You have all seen a cross
  196. may be you have a mental illness from 8 years of university work. Odd diagnosis...I have never been exposed to university work (of course, if you sleep with someone that has a Masters, you're exposed to her university work, and all her teachers' work, and her students' work...)
  197. My use of CAPS LOCK is an integral part of my communication to the brainwashed....WHY CAN'T YOU GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THINK SKULL....WHY DAMN IT? Posted by someone who says he demands respect from fellow posters.
  198. NO!!! I will not sit here and argue with you like this! All your doing is provoking me and I wont stand for it! School-age christian poster's final response to being asked several times to explain how his(her?) post had the same text as an online student essay cheating-archive.
  199. ok the nicene creed isnt hog wash, but it has nothing to do with being or not being a christian.
  200. Only a spoiled white boy could read the bible and fail to see God's infinite message
  201. Personally, I can't imagine a parent being an atheist.
  202. Peter, Elephanticity is a baboon.
  203. Physical Science fails miserably in the realm of Spiritual Science. No surprise. I'd love to see the periodic table for 'Spiritual Science.'
  204. Read it again if you can understand anything other than Lord Evolution has preached you
  205. Really, I don't even see why you are trying to preach this (Atheism) because it is the epitome of dead-end beliefs. A suggestion that we should pick a religion the way we pick a movie...never mind reality, find one with 'a happy ending' to look forward to. Is there ANY theist that chose to worship their God because the religion was more aesthetically pleasing?
  206. Sir, please read the bible before you go bashing it. The Bible is without error and you obviously are error filled.
  207. So this is not just about "God" is it? You're about information supression?
  208. Strong atheists holds the position that they deny the existence of God but this is wrong because to make such a statement you would have to have complete knowledge of everything and you don’t knowledge of everything not even science has knowledge of everything and you would have to have been everywhere in the universe and there’s no way that could happen in the present time we are in. Reminds me of the time we got the Tuba player to do 'Flight of the Bumble Bee.' Sheesh!
  209. Studies show that homosexuality in men is due to a certain amount of metabolism in the brain. What is the possible meaning of the phrase 'a certain amount of metabolism?' That's like saying a man's income is established by a certain amount of capitalism
  210. That is how a low esteem monkey behaves, because he can't think. And here I'd thought we'd established that I was an ape....
  211. That is kind of what I thought, more like ape behaviour by these Lord Evolution followers. At least Lord Jessus followers preach a postive message, I can live with that.
  212. That is peasent talk again not mathmatics.
  213. That is what Hilter was preaching, now Lord Evolution is preaching it. Just check history and see what happened to Hitler! I don’t always agree that any use of profanity means you automatically lose the argument, but it does seem to me that once you lump your opponent in with Hitler, I lose all interest.
  214. That there are things in the Bible that I cannot understand, sort of proves it not to have come from the mind of humans
  215. That's why wise men say many Athiests are really Satanists. Well don't get mad, geez, you act like I just cost you a soul or something
  216. The bottom line: I'd like to make this as clear as I can - I think there are only two types of people who believe in evolution, the ignorant and the foolish
  217. The foundations of rock go back to witchdoctors and witchcraft in africa. The Bible says that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.
  218. The monkey can't reason so now they will try to gang up. Next level of defense.
  219. The president can not simply decide something is wrong because he or she believes it to be. They need a foundation and it is rediculous to expect that human emotion would not lead someone truely inspired by religion to ignore it for the good of equality as far as religion is concerned.
  220. The pressure from the vacuum of space would crush anyone in a space suit
  221. The whole theory of Evolution makes no sense to me whatsoever. The whole thing about us evolving by chance isn't possible, is it? I mean, come on, I believe we all have a purpose, and because we have a purpose we are not alive by chance. No, officer, no presuppositionists in here.
  222. There have been vegetarians around for hundreds of years at least. Why do they still have flesh tearing teeth?
  223. There is one very important thingh about lesbian behaviour: it is NOT always a deadly sin if practiced WITHIN THE HOLY MATRIMONY for the PLEASURE OF THE HUSBAND!
  224. Thesaurus defines ignorance as "unintelligence"
  225. This country was not formed on Roman Law nor does it say that anywhere. On the contrary it was founded on christian principles with laws inspired by both the Bible and Roman Law. Roman Law worked why not adopt it?
  226. Those 'skelotons' of monkey men are 99/100 made out of tar or something else. How dumb can evolution get??
  227. To say that God doesn't exist is TOTALLY overlooking the fact that God does exist
  228. We evidence of God in the fact that He has not wiped us off the planet yet for our sin. This shows he is indeed abounding in mercy and slow to wrath If there is a god, this might be proof of his mercy. But it isn't evidence of God. 'God not doing (something)' is more along the lines of evidence there ISN'T a god. It's like saying "we can prove there's a polar bear under the porch because he has never eaten the children. This shows that he is a tame polar bear."
  229. More logic from the same poster: But what if he isn't there you may ask, will my words be wasted? The Bible says anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Is it me, or is it just a teensy bit presuppositionist in here?
  230. Whatever is created by accident will vanish by an accident in a puposeless place. This is mathematics. No, in a place without purpose, everything is by accident. This is belaboring the obvious.
  231. Whenever you hear a Christian say the mark of the beast is not literal then run don't walk to a private place and pray for that person
  232. Why do penguins not fly? Polar bears cannot fly, so wouldn't it be better if a bird could just fly away from its predator? To which i just HAD to note that even my kids know why penguins aren't afraid of polar bears.....
  233. Why do protestants insist on calling the Holy Scriptures the Word of God? According to St. John the Theologian Christ is the Word (Logos) of God, ie the creative reason Who fashioned the cosmos. I seriously doubt the collection of books making up the Old and New Testaments really existed in the Begining with God and was God. Are you seriously asking why Protestants may reject the conclusions of a Catholic Authority Figure?
  234. Why isn't lying a sin? After all it gets us in as much trouble as the other sins, doesn't it? I guess they never noticed how many times the Bible mentions how Pissed God gets at liars...
  235. Why would god want to stop such a horrible natural disaster for people that openly do not believe in him? If I slap you in the face every day of your existance will you stop a mack truck from hitting me? Honestly.
  236. You Christians are all the pompous and arrogant. Since I am Jewish....I think I might know a little bit more about God than you do!
  237. you deserve a holiday...a day to celebrate the belief in yourself or nothing...we could call it the day of Hoplessness
  238. You don't know what consciousness consists of. If you were concious, you would realize that your belief is a dogma. That belief is, there is no god. Sigh...some people i discuss my beliefs with say that i really should be calling myself an agnostic, not a soft atheist. This guy is convinced that if i'm going to call myself an atheist i must conform to his idea of what atheists believe
  239. You don't need all the facts, math is used all the time to come to conclusion. Maybe not in biology, that is why you are so screwed up
  240. You fail to recognize the signifigance of archeopteryx's feathers - they were on the lizard hundreds of millions of years ago - when evolution was supposedly in it's infancy; not on a lizard which exists today and has several hundred million years of evolution behind it Oh, please, tell me you're kidding...dinosaurs the 'infancy' of evolution?
  241. You have a sense of humour though, I think you just stuck temporarily wth Apes. I think your offsprings will be human!
  242. You mispelled it 'misspell' and your too dumb to know that it's rice 'patty' not 'paddy'
  243. you people are pathetic! If my father told me to believe that he had a ham sandwich on november 14 1985 I would! Because he is my father!
  244. You seem to think purpose has to have a connection with life forms. Tell me something that you think has purpose but is not used by, shaoed by or designed by life forms.
  245. You think that no one designed you, and there is no designer behind a functioning machine called the universe. You have eyes but you can not see, and you have ears but yet you can not hear. A walking dead being !
  246. You will get jenitle worts like I did when I was a fornicater. That is how He punshishs fornicaters
  247. You won't accept this, despite my superior knowledge in this matter and in life, right now because you would be forced to admit in front of everyone your inferiority, but the fact reamins that you are inferior and that Jesus was crucified for you and your kind, despite your disbelief. A xian's attempt to bring a number of Jews into the fold by showing them the love and charity of xians....
  248. Same xian: You're right. I'm not overly familiar with the Old Testament, But I do know that it is filled with references to the coming Messiah.
  249. You would get the most points for being a Christian. I mean no offense, but my God is real and I think that is important. Atheists are stupid.
  250. You've got to be kidding. You can't possibly be that ignorant. You must be joking. Almost everything you mentioned is simple to anyone who knows the Bible.
  251. A christain explains the whole Heaven/Hell afterlife setup, starting with this prefix:
    First off, I'm going to explain what *I* believe happens, without any Bible verses to get in the way.
  252. wow. satan is doing a great job to trick you all, but Jesus is more powerful than some evolution
  253. AS for evolution and your big bang one question where did the dirt come from? so don't tell people that its not a belief as in a religon.
    I always love it when jokes become submitted as proof in a debate:
    The Joke: Humans have become so technically evolved that they can now make a living, breathing person. A summit of scientists believed that because they now had the power to create life, God was no longer needed. So they all decided that someone should go and tell God this. One man volunteered to go. One day he climbed a mountain and called upon God. "God! We humans now have the ability to bring people from the dead, we can create our own life, we don't need you anymore so you can leave us alone." God listened to the scientist and nodded his head. "Okay, I'll tell you what, if you can really create life, let's have a competition, if you can create a better person than me, I'll go, but we'll have to do it the way I did it in the old days." So the scientist agrees and begins to collect some dirt to make his person. God simply watches him and finally asks him what he's doing. "I'm using the dirt to make a person." God smiles, looks at the scientist and replies, "Go make your own dirt."
  254. Your reference to Noah's Ark and the world wide flood that the entire event was 1 year, is false. According to Genesis the flood lasted 40 days and 40 nights.
    'According to Genesis' the rains lasted for 40 days. The flood lasted for about 10 months. Noah and all were on the ark for a year between closing the door and walking out on Ararat. If you're going to invoke a reference, save yourself embarrassment and actually read the reference.
  255. About women voting, the bible doesn't say one way or another - but when women did not vote, was the country better or worse off than it is today? At least when women didn't vote they didn't have any crazy feminists in the courts and the government.
  256. In 1936,John XXIII, enunciated a serie of prophecies
    This is good, careful phrasing and meticulous pronunciation is always important in transmitting a prophecy. Think how many lives could have been saved if Jim Jones's followers had not heard 'jesus will return' but instead had clearly understood the message 'jackass will return'
  257. in reference to a famed evolutionary writer: He's first and foremost an atheist! YOU CAN NOT DENY THAT STATEMENT! That makes him a liar!
    Atheists are automatically liars? Careful, darling, your bias is showing.
  258. We cannot depend upon mythology, but we can depend upon the statements of the Bible concerning giants.
  259. I resist using anything automated that replaces a worker.
    I love this one. It was part of an online discussion on boycotting the self-checkout lanes in supermarkets. Online. The amount of automation used to create and operate the internet, to create their computer and the servers holding the forum they post on, reaches levels that would make Babbage have a heart attack and die. He'd die with a smile on his face, sure, but die.
  260. That reasoning is awful. We know Abraham Lincoln signed the Declaration of Independence, but we didn't MAKE him do it. He did it of his own free will.
  261. In a discussion of presidents, in re comparing the unemployment rates of two:By the way, it's not "simple math"...there's no math involved in your point. Just numbers. The "numbers" tell the story.
    And drawing conclusions from numbers requires at the very least the ability to tell which one is bigger...or, math.

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