Sally's World

Sally Reynolds (Sally 1/4th, etc) story, Slumber Party, is a powerful story, considered by many to be a classic work of SW literature. Hopefully one of the first stories that will be made into a feature film when SW enthusiasts take over the media industry.

I've hosted it here, with her permission, because it's just so hard to find some times.

I have also hosted a couple of spin-off, continuations of the story setting, written with her kind permission.

If anyone else has a story or art set in the Slumber Party Universe, let me know if you would like it hosted here, or even just linked to on this page.

Sally's Work:

Slumber Party

Minimizer's Work:

Slumber Party Illustration

Keith's Work:

Judicious Use
Under New Management...Way Under

Mercutio's Work: Tales of the Amazon Bean
(Hosted on Minimizer's SW Forum)

Tall Order
Little Miss No Name