Hex Files Wrap Party
Season 1

The script is done,
now the fun’s begun,
the director has left,
but the cameras still run

Some early guests try to get a game of Trivia underway, but Scully takes an staggering lead.

Others come early in an attempt to corner the wet bar...

…but they forgot that a Norse god was coming.

Mulder makes a deal with some of the extras. Keep off the buffet table until midnight, and they can keep all the trash they can find.

Arctic Mulder assures some other extras that they weren’t invited JUST to maximize the wet bar or the ice buckets.

Scully gets a call, finds out Mulder didn’t give directions to Everyone….

…a quick e-mail of ‘PortaMap’...

…and the Zombies finally arrive.

‘Scully, you’re not supposed to be that stiff when the party STARTS…’

Some guest clique up to discuss the commute.

At any party, some one wants to do some magic. Zhaan finds the pea no matter WHERE Death puts it….

…and Odin has an original take on a classic trick: “Look, ye, there be no box.”

“Okay, the Queen! Was your card the Queen?”

Two Zombies magically change places with each other in neighboring incubation chambers…or...so they say….

The ‘Choosers of the Slain’ try to expand the Sisterhood of the Valkyrie.

Hwoarang strikes up a popular tune...

...Gul Phwar reveals a deft hand at the Cardassian Synthesizer and fleshes out the melody...

..someone grabs an unguarded microphone...

… and couples take to the floor.

One Valkyrie finds a man that can take a lot of punishment...

…while another decides, there just isn’t enough mead in the world.

And even if they were of age, there isn’t enough tequila, either.

Mulder’s backup singers laughingly advise him to keep his Federal job.

Switch claims that she is THE best shot here.

In answer to the challenge, a scratch shooting match is formed

Which Odin wins with a well-place lightening bolt.

Kabuki suggests finding the best martial artist - without divine powers.

When the going gets tough, the tough pair up and square off...

…until everyone suddenly looses interest.

Everyone notices when the last couple makes their very late appearance.

“Of course we’re late, Trenchcoat, here, had to wait for a decent breeze in the entry way.”

Participants in the Skinner Look-A-Like contest pose for a group photo.
Zombie #3 won.

Two metaphysicians find common ground discussing their “peaceful coexistence with all living things unless the bastards deserve a butt kicking” philosophies.

Arctic Scully did NOT like the décor of the restrooms.

At every party, people seek free advice: “So, if You’re all-knowing, Mr. God, Sir, could You answer a couple of questions? It’s about this place called ‘Area 51’ in Nevada.”

“…I’m not sure what the rules are for divine disclosure, but I have this map, and if You could point out certain buildings and match them to a list…”

“Come, mortal, we would learn more of this Midgard custom of ‘magaritas’ and are told you are expert.”

“Um, okay.”

“Valkyries. Don’t leave Valhalla without them.”

“Yes, they already cast my sidekick for ‘Matrix II,’ Sam.”

Party Standard #4: Limbo.

But here, they duck under bullets….

Much later, the duty driver reports the last drop-offs completed. Home, hotel, hospital, and heliport, as needed.

“Well, looks like we’ve got everything cleaned up. We’re outta here.”

“See you next season.”

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