Language Disclaimer

I have run across a number of posts in the last few that concern the question about how atheists should feel if someone says 'God Bless You' or how theists should feel if an atheist says 'God Bless You' or 'Goddammit.' Seems one person gets real upset if atheists validate the existence of someone that they claim doesn't exist. Well, I was in the navy for a little bit, and picked up some horrendous vocabulary. I swear just like a sailor.


I do not actually wish the object of my ire experience general sexual satisfaction, through intercourse, fellatio, self-abuse or incest. Nor do I feel that certain bodily functions will excrete a desirable material that will improve the matter at hand, either as an emollient, lubricant, deodorant or just decoration. It is not the intent of my expletive that the Invisible Sky Beast should consign a rust-clad bolt to hellfire and other torments, nor even do I actually validate anyone else's belief in the Sky Beast, an afterlife, eternal damnation, or even the technical possibility of sin, no matter who I appear to call upon.

Comparing someone to a pessary or a suppository does not mean I desire them to be placed in a specific human orifice, nor that I actually believe they would fit within such an opening.

When I shout 'Paperwork!' it isn't because of a need for additional regulatory forms. Same with 'Management!'

In addition, my comparing you to, or labeling you as any specific bodily part is not meant to imply that one should consider your specific part's characteristics are of unusual size, extreme function, or detachable. Nor is it my contention that an organism composed completely of that part would have the ability to perform the standard daily functions you exhibit regularly, such as driving to work, drinking coffee or making completely asinine decisions without consulting with subject matter experts.

I have not actually studied any geneological linages except for my own, so any aspersions heaped upon your ancestral lines are not actually expected to be displayed on your familial history charts, Family Bible, AKC Registration or birth certificate.

Suggestions about treatment of administrative errors or personal recognition disorders are not to be taken as a personal claim of any degree in psychology, proctology, gynecology or urology.

In short, it's just words. Words we're taught to say, usually without having any attached content beyond the emotional exercise. Like, oh, the Pledge, Gesundheit, Aye-sir, Amen and "No, dear, you look fine."

Additionally, as it has come up, my participation in some of the traditional celebrations of a midwinter festival with roots extending back 3500 years is not an implicit endorsement of a deity some people associate with that date, any more than one endorses a particular Norse deity by referring to "Thor's Day" or the Roman god Mars when dating checks during the month dedicated to him, or lands robots on the planet named after him.
I don't accuse anyone celebrating 'Easter' with implicit devotion to Ishtar.

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