In the vanguard sunlight shone
On the armor of the dwarves
Axes high and carefully honed
Where e'er the eye did rove

They marched along with a deadly will
And a silence borne of dread
For battle waited atop the hills
And many would soon be dead

We've been hacking all the night
And some time of this day
Now the pass is nearly clear
We fight, to clear the way

Who'll go up to the mountain glen
And break the League camp there
And send them down their side again
To protect the Rebellion here

The Rangers ranks seem to fill the wood
And to surround us as we go
Ahead, the centaurs can be heard
Like a wartime rodeo


And so they linked their shields and stood
Elves and trolls and such in rows
And the fury of the dwarves descends
Til the foe are dead or gone

"A funeral wreath we bring you here
And on your graves we stand
We'll toast your death with our bitter beer
The work of our Lord's hand"

Chorus (2x)

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