Fred the Orc

Come and lissen to the story of an Orc named Fred
Got knocked out by a mace against his head,
Left by the clan cuz they thought that he was dead,
When he came to all his memories had fled:
Amnesia... Scatterbrained... Moron...

Found by the Rebels when they came back thru the glen,
Patched by the medics who said they were his friends,
Put him in the ranks and they armored him again,
Now he locks arms as a Shield Maiden!
Defender... Women Soldier... Prettified...

Next time the orcs hit the village he was there,
Big kite shield and a ribbon in his hair,
Called him by name but he said that he was Claire,
Stove in their skulls without a thought to spare.
Transference... Assimilated... Nutso...

Now he's at home with the Rebel's soldier force,
Fights for the cause with not a remorse,
They keep him around tho he often eats a horse,
Because Claire fights like a God of the Norse.
Enthused... Excitable... Furious...

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