The Slobbering Green Horde

It's the epic, of a Mending Priestess,
Who was leading three big and nasty orcs,
They were all looking for Gold, or lots of treasure,
Though they would settle for pork.

It's the epic, of a powerful Magus,
Who was busy, with 3 orcs of his own,
They had a taste for glory and adventure,
And kept their swords well honed.

Then one battle when the Magus met the Priestess,
And they knew that it would all be just a snap,
If this group were whipped into an army,
So they could spread mayhem and death across the map!

The Slobbering Horde! The Slobbering Horde! That's the story behind
The Slobbering Green Horde of Fangs and Fury! And their continuing
quest to prove that the Knights Immortal are Horribly misnamed.

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