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A friend of mine (Lady Valar, Queen of Valimar, again):

asked for help with another exercise of punful creativity. The original post was: Here.

Have you ever wondered why A B C D E F are the letters used to define bra sizes? It is about time you became informed....

{A} = Almost Boobs
{B} = Barely there
{C} = Can Do
{D} = Damn good
{DD}= Doubly damn good
{E} = Enormous
{F} = Fake

Another contributed:

"and a er...couple of musical ones.."

{B} = B Flat They look better when I'm standing. Honest!
{E} = E Augmented Eeeenormous (but also fake)
{F} = F Sharp you can look but don't touch
{G} = G Diminished I'm sure they were bigger than this once...

My Donations: Nautical Standards

{A} - Arch Boards, the part of the ship where the nametag is placed to draw attention to it.
{B} - Bowsprit, the part that sticks out in front
{C} - Capstans, the parts that men's lines are wrapped around
{D} - Davits, the equipment that lets things hang down (Jaws, eyes, IQ points)
{DD} - Docking Deck, the platform that assists in coming alongside
{E} & {F} - Emergency Floatation
{G} - Gaffe, the apparatus that is stuck out to draw something or someone in

Luggage terms
{A} - Accessory Kit, bare essentials within
{B} - Bowling Bag, to protect the globe within
{B} - Baggette, Like luggage, but smaller (Punchline, the doctor drops his pants and shouts: "This, Miss Jones, is a phallic symbol!" "Oh. Like a dick, but smaller....")
{C} - Chest, which is carried with both hands
{D} - Double Pocket, with separation for ease in handling
{DD} - Duffel Bag, something that is slung over the shoulder and carried on the back.
{F} - Fanny Pack, worn at the waist
{F} - Flight Bag, like a duffel bag, but larger....

Spices and flavors
{A} - Allspice...a mellow spice, almost smooth
{B} - Bay Leaf...goes with almost anything
{C} - Cumin...seldom artificial (and fond of the name...)
{D} - Dill...familiar and popular
{DD} - Double Dutch...sweetest and most popular
{E} - augmented flavor
{F} - Fennel...from a bulbous plant, interesting for sausages
{G} - when pressed

....a capriccio
{A} A capella - without accompaniment
{B} B Flat - They look better when I'm standing. Honest!
{C} Clef - something that sets the tones for the lines that follow
{C} Con moto - better with movement
{C} Comodo - comfortable, easy
{D} Dolce - Sweetly
{DD} Doppio Movimento - Double the preceeding speed
{DD} Decrescendo Diminuendo- getting softer near the point
{E} E Augmented - Eeeenormous (but also fake) {F} F Sharp - you can look but don't touch {G} G Diminished - I'm sure they were bigger than this once...
{G} Grace Note - an ornament
{G} Grandioso - Grandly

Nautical, revisited
{A} - Auxiliary Craft, limited to specialized applications
{B} - Boat, not capable of independent ops
{C} - Cruiser, a pleasure craft
{D} - Dinghy (more for men's response to, than size of)
{DD} - Dreadnought, most likely largest craft in any engagement
{F} - Frigate, famous for " friggin' in the riggin' "

Network Television Sizes
{A}-ABC, with all the shows about nothing
{B}-BET, where what you have isn't as important as what you do with it
{C}-CINEMAX, where what you have is important, if you show it to everyone
{D}-Disney, still world famous for the Big Rides
{E}-E, for pure entertainment
{F}-Family Channel, for all the support involved
{G}-(National) Geographic Channel, for all the photos of big mountain ranges....

Movie Archives
{A} - (The) Awful Truth
{B} - (A) Beautiful Mind
{C} - Cool World
{D} - Don't Look Now
{DD} - Days of Heaven
{E} - (The) Extra-Terrestrial
{F} - Fantasia
{F} - Forbidden Planet
{G} - Guns of Navarrone
{I} - Iron Giant

BRA designs of Scientists:
{A} - Allen's Bra, for Northern Girls*
{B} - Boyle's (push-up) Bra, contents under pressure
{C} - Chandrasekhar's Bra, contents beyond the limit
{D} - Darwin's Bra, see what develops
{DD} - Doppler's Bra, bigger coming than going
{E} - Einstein's bra, relatively more than you'd expect
{F} - Fourier's Transform Bra, for functional expansion
{G} - Gauss' Bra, with wide-ranging effects
{J} - Dr. Jekyll's Bra, nowhere to Hyde.

*Allen's rule - 1877, states that within a given species, or genus, appendages such as tails, ears and limbs tend to be relatively smaller in animals that inhabit cooler climates than those living in warmer climates. Stay in school, kids, learn cool stuff!!

Alternative Medicine Bra's
{A} - Acupuncture Bra...small points, but important
{B} - Biorythm control your curves
{C} - Crystal Therapy Bra...energize your gems {D} -
{DD} -
{E} -
{F} - Feng Shui Bra... unrestrained energies can cause back pains
{G} -

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