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I've always been fascinated by size differences between sexual partners. Not fat/skinny, or adult/child, but more outrageous differences in scale. Along the lines of Lilliput and Brobdinag. Land of the Giants. Village of the Giants. Attacks of the Fifty Foot Women and the Sixty Foot Centerfold. Jack and the Beanstalk, the version where the Giant isn't home, but his wife is, and she's rather lonely.
It doesn't matter to me if the woman or the man is larger, it's the difference that excites me. And I don't care if one grows to a giant, or one shrinks to a doll.
Finally, after a few years of lurking around the Net, I figure it's time to try my own hand at writing some stories.
I tend to prefer gentle-giant(ess) stories, with something resembling plot and setting. Of course, 'prefer' doesn't prevent an occasional example of pure sex scenes strung together with earthy dialogue, just for fun.
You won't find any vore here. Or foot fetishes. Still, here are my efforts, hope you enjoy them:

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