The Soapbox:

Material related to certain skepticism
on my part, or dealing with
certain interests of mine. Stuff i wrote,
and stuff i found and felt like preserving.

D&D spells

That are listed in the Bible


for language that I,
as a former sailor, may use...


Not necessarily humor,
but stuff I felt like ranting about.

Handbooks For Evil

...they're not just lying around.
You gotta put some effort
into finding them.

Bug Daddy

Jack Chick’s attack on
Evolution critiqued.

Dork Dungeons

Jack Chick’s attack on
D&D critiqued.

The barometer story

Many anecdotes circulate about mathematicians...

The Evil Twin Episode

My absolute favorite
Theme in Science Fiction

Family Anecdotes

jokes, true stories,
and cherished lies
of me and mine

All horses are
the same color

My favorite Math Trick

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