Parodies and Crossovers
Existing scripts rewritten, recast, restaged or just satirized.

Commander Blackadder
Starfleet BuPers

NCIS ( 1/6th scale)

Noticed that from a certain angle,
the Xena Doll looks a
lot like Abby of NCIS.








Evil Twins

Surely the guy that made
birds and bats would know the differences?

The agents of NCIS would be
just as professional
investigating diners, right?

EMH Cleese

If the Emergency Medical Hologram were patterned on Basil Fawlty…

Rowan Atkinson
teaches Homer Simpson about being British. Or enough to fake it, anyway. (Started as 'Homer attends Blackadder's Anger Management Course,' and learns to use sneer instead of fear....but turned out different during the writing)

Winnie the Pooh in Trek
Trouble with Tribbles as acted out by the denizens of the 100-acre wood

Zombies for Jesus

Why don’t any movies about
Jesus talk about the walking dead?

Blackadder at NCIS

an NCIS episode
rewritten as a
Blackadder experience

NCIS: Scales
Of Justice

Fanfiction, NCIS crosses into X-Files/OSI territory
The Excelsior
SciFi in the world of Gulliver's Travels...first Giantess in Space
Blackadder's Travels:
Part 1, Lilliput
Part 2, Blefuscu
Part 3, Brobdingrag
Part 4, Lorbrulgrud
Part 5, Laputa
Part 6, Balnibarbi
Part 7, Glubbdubdrib

NCIS investigates Marine deaths at Cheyenne Mountain
The Mad Scientist might be a redneck if...

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