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April 2006
  • Completed Professor Skippy
  • Added to Santa Skippy
  • Castle Anthrax finalized with 4 Score and 10 virgins
  • Created Life like a game using the Cubes
September 2005
  • More of Blackadder's Travels, to Brobdingrag
August 2005
  • Added 'NCIS' Fan fiction to Parodies and Crossovers
  • Added The Excelsior to Parodies and Crossovers...SciFi in the world of Gulliver's Travels
  • Added Gulliver's Travels to the Dark Side to Parodies and Crossovers...Blackadder takes Gulliver's place. Travels to Lilliput and Blefuscu completed
June 2005
  • Added PROTECT Act Excemption Statement to the top-level page of Elephanticity/Hexfiles, CROSSOVER forum.
May 2005
  • Added 'Monster Mash' (under the Song Lyrics index)
  • Overhauled Navy Index
  • Overhauled Song Lyrics Index
  • Overhauled Star Trek Index
  • Overhauled Index Index
  • Overhauled Parodies Index
  • Overhauled RPG index
  • Added Deteriorata, and Desiderata to 'lyrics' index.
  • Overhauled Puns Index
  • Overhauled Soapbox Index
  • Overhauled HTML Practice Index
  • Added Old Old Old time Religion to Pagan Puns
  • Added a link to The Science Fiction Action Figure Personality Revue to the Index index.
  • Added 'Humor' link to Superdirectory, reordered contents of indicies
  • Added links to Feedback forum to indicies
  • Added to Scout Camp Skippy
  • Informed Oldest son that i'd host any efforts of his to match the follies and frolics of Ninjaburger, thus the Ninja link on the Humor index.
April 2005
  • Overhauled Superdirectory
  • Professor and Super Skippy updates
  • Reordered the bios of the Anthrax Virgins, added a few virgins (now up to two score and 9)
  • Brought ‘Anthraxed’ out of hiatus, started the finishing pages of the Princess Rescue Race
  • Created Multi-scale X-Files (off Inflict Humor Page)
  • Added 'jesus paves' page to HTML Practice index
March 2005
  • Rev, Prof, and Bubble skippy updates
  • Spent time creating animated GIF visual puns on “Jesus Saves”
January 2005
  • Trek and Rev Skippy updates
December 2004
  • Trek, Santa, Super, Professor and Rev Skippy updates
November 2004
  • Skippy Claus, Rev, Prof, Scout, Trek and Dwarf skippy updates
  • Created the Super Skippy list
October 2004
  • Created Skippy Claus
  • Contacted the original ‘Skippy’ of ‘213 things skippy can no longer do’ fame, exchanged site links
September 2004
  • Winnie the Pooh and Blackadder as Star Trek episodes,
  • added to Parodies, Trek indexes
May 2004
  • Updated the RPG related jokes linked off of Dungeon Follies
April 2004
  • Chief Skippy update