Song Lyrics
Some songs i made up,
or new lyrics to old songs,
or old songs/old lyrics and new pictures.


Gimme that Old Time Evolution
 Common Ancestry
Monster Mash

Beaker and the Professor
 party hearty

Fifteen Men

on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho....

Ever wonder about the rest of the song? Not an alteration, but the real lyrics.

Berserker's Dance
to the tune of 'Mummer's Dance'

Necropolis Metropolis
to the tune of 'Battle of New Orleans'

The Slobbering Horde
not quite the 'Brady Bunch'

Yo Ho Ho!
and a skin of wine...
Corpse Raising
from 'Cold Hearted Snake'

from 'Maneater'

Fred the Orc
from 'Beverley Hillbillys'

the Magic Dragonman
Mage Knight
Song Lyrics

Vlaad, Vlaad,
The Im-pa-ler

who is certainly worse than 'Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown.'

Troll Chieftain,
As in, 'What do you do with a big Troll Chieftain?'
Ballad of Lucky and Boxcar
From the most copied poem Edgar Allen Poe ever wrote.

A Date with Christmas

taking up a challenge
from a James Bond

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