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in it's many forms.

The site is mine, but the Truths are for all, and obvious once one has been shown how to see them.

I have reviewed many sites, chats, discussions and postings online, since the Internet was created. There are many sincere, zealous people out there, carefully trying to influence others with their electronic soapboxes. Problem is, most of them are idiots.

This site is an attempt to reveal superior logic and careful research. Feel free to check my research, check my references and validate my logic.

You may be surprised.

Most pages like this have a biographical section. After reviewing the most recent feedback e-mails, I have deleted that. I believe the background of a theorist has little or nothing to do with the validity of the theory (or the Truth). After all, Darwin believed in God until the day he died, and you can see what he left us with.

Also, erroneous conclusions have been drawn from certain entries. This is a current trend in attacking the messenger to weaken the message. For example, a New York candidate ran on a very conservative Right To Life platform for the Legislature. He probably lost his bid due to the Liberal Press releasing the 'news' that he was a convicted pedophile. Twice convicted. But in his defense, and as he himself said, he didn't think the convictions were relevant to the campaign because "there are no children at the legislature."

The Truths revealed Herein:

The Theory of Elephanticity

The Subtle Poison of Chess

A Post Rapture Checklist for those left behind.

The Debate: Is Evolution a religion?

The Conspiracy forEvolution, consider the size!

Is your Religion A CULT? See the signs! BE PREPARED!

The Bible says Shut UP! Do you have enough faith to be quiet?

The Articles of Faith or the Niceaen Creed, affect every Christian on Earth, but they aren't in the Bible. Ever wonder where they came from?

A handy field reference for Spotting Theists for fun and profit.

A discussion of Pascal's Wager, a dangerous and wilfull misapplication of odds.

Atheism as a religion? The History, of the ever changing stance on what is NOT out there.

Feedback Received (Profanities deleted)
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